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The Chartered  Insurance Institute (CII) London, is the leading professional governing body, in the world in the area of insurance and reinsurance. Many top level executives have obtained some level of certification with the CII.

Undoubtedly in the world of insurance and reinsurance, the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) is the most internationally recognized qualification centre and has developed a series of courses and qualifications in various fields for all levels of the professional in the industry. These qualifications and training are available in Chile through Indemnity Consulting, which offers the opportunity and the tools to ensure the professional success of the students.



Nowadays in the Chilean insurance market, there are no academic alternatives for those professionals who want to acquire a certification in the insurance and reinsurance industry that is internationally recognized. The Chartered Insurance Institute of London is now working with Indemnity Consulting to offer the expertise and knowledge for professionals in Chile. Companies located in Chile require new products to encourage professionals through training at the best level, standing out from the competition and retaining the best professionals in the market.
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Weekly training with Mike Brien. Specific training. Intensive training

Tasks and evaluations focused on the subject of the CII and study techniques.

Teaching in examination techniques.

Access to previous examinations.

Complete preparation for the exam.


Differentiate yourself in the market with internationally recognized certifications.

Reward and encourage key executives.

Improve and perfect technical English.

Professional development.


Get a complete view of the international market.


Receive designations that are highly valued in the global insurance and reinsurance market.


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